Coilology full Ni80 Prebuilt Coils

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Coilology full Ni80 Prebuilt Coils

Imported coils - Used and endorsed by numerous vapers and renowned reviewers

coils available

Framed Staple -  28ga*2+38ga*28ga*4+36ga  (0.30ohm)

Tri-Core Fused Clapton -  26ga*3+36ga  (0.21ohm)

Staple -  38ga*28ga*8+36ga (0.34ohm)

Juggernaut -  (26ga+36ga)*2+38ga*26ga  (0.36ohm)

Fused Clapton -  26ga*2+36ga  (0.34ohm)

Resistance displayed per single coil - To determine dual coil resistance, half the resistance value shown. e.g. where single coil is 0.3ohm, dual coil setup will be 0.15ohm