Exotica Vape juice for DL vaping - 75% VG / 25% PG 3mg Nic

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Natural extracted flavours make Exotica a unique range of e-liquids and creates the closest resemblance to the real fruit or treat when you vape on this juice !
The flavour names say what it is and an adjective adds some flair.
The flavour extraction and juice mixing facility is of the highest quality standards you can get at seriously affordable prices.

Packsize: Standard Bottle size 120ml (Gorilla)

Base ratio: 75% VG / 25% PG

Nicotine levels: All flavours are available in 3mg nicotine 

Flavour Profiles include:

Grape Enigma - reminds me of sipping on pure grape juice

Granadilla Glaze - sweet with slight tingly/sour aftertaste

Apple Mist - like a ripe Granny Smith apple; sweet with a touch our sour (this one is lightly cooled down a WS23/Koolada coolant which makes the flavour pop)

Strawberry Surreal - Sweet and real strawberry like I haven't tasted in other vape liquids before (a bit of coolant added to this juice, but not overpowering)

Mystic Mango - This is one of my favourite fruits in vape juice and this one lists very high on my top list (light coolant added)

Cosmic Caramel - for the Sweet tooth and this flavour is as pure as you can get. That slight bitterness I taste in many other similar juices is not at all present here

Atomic Soda - sweet and on point; so much reminds me of a Fizzy and chewy Cream Soda candy

Choco-Nut Charm - Decadently rich flavours with the best Hazelnut, Chocolate flavour I've tasted 

Enchanted Berries - Nothing like it out there, the natural extracted flavours give a strong sweet/sour berry blast!

Honey Gold - Vape on this and you'll realise why Winnie the Pooh had such a crush on this all natural elixir

Watermelon Rush - This is a winner! On point, spot on! Here you taste the real fruit and not the typical artificial flavours